The Napkin Dress


For my first freelance job ever, I was asked by Georgia-Pacific to create a red carpet dress for the Susan G. Komen Bubbles and Bling Gala. But there was a catch: it had to be made completely out of Vanity Fair Napkins, which are one of Georgia-Pacific's product lines.

Okay, where do you even begin with a dress that's supposed to be made out of napkins? Rather than sketching, I grabbed some Vanity Fair Napkins we had at home and began draping ideas on my dress form. I settled on using a skill called "pomping" for the top. It's a technique I learned in my time at Alabama. Every year for Homecoming we create giant lawn decoration pictures made completely out of tissue paper balls that have a smooth surface on one side. I thought that would be perfect with the addition of pearl beads for some shine. As for the skirt, I wanted to create a floral texture, so I cut the napkins into a four-leaf clover shape and folded
them up and then layered tons of them on.

I anticipated that this project would be tedious and very detail oriented, but I didn't anticipate for the final dress to get as heavy as it did! Y'all, it looks light and dreamy, but it. is. heavy.

This project involved over 1,200 napkins, 500 pearl beads, over 100 sticks of hot glue, and over 100 hours of work. I can say that this is some of my proudest work and I'm thrilled to share it with you!

Photography by Chloe Enos

Initial Sketches

Initial Sketches